About Saken

Saken Village is a private luxurious compound in the city of Jubail. It is designed and built for living a lifestyle of comfort amid landscaped lush green surroundings with wide variety of recreational venues and around the clock security to provide a beautiful and safe environment to residents.
Saken Village offers expatriates a remarkably unique home away from home experience. The management and employees of Saken Village are trained and dedicated to provide residents with superior services of international standards.
Our villas, apartments and studios are truly world class. They are designed to fulfill expectations of couples, families and bachelors. Elegant furnishings give an ambiance of warmth and coziness.

Why Saken?

Saken Village accommodates all nationality from different companies. We accommodate most prestigious companies like Sadara, Dow, BAE Systems, ABB, SK Telecom, Kratos & other companies.

Worry-Free Maintenance
Highly qualified professionals will accommodate your needs so residents have nothing to worry about, but just “Keep Calm and Do Nothing.”


Innovative Design
Saken Village is a private luxurious compound with cutting-edge and innovative design, from the buildings to its unique amenities like swimming pools, restaurant, café, fitness center and more.

Great Location
The Al-Khaldyiah Land is the most modern and prime location in al Jubail Al Bald. East side of the land is Saudi Navy Base, which is an indispensable benefit for the international companies, in term of evacuation in critical situation.

What do we do?

Saken Village accommodates all nationality from different companies. There is also recreational areas that houses swimming pool, restaurant, fitness center, children’s playground and more. All these can only be found in one great location. So bond with your family, reconnect with old friends, and even forge new friendships – here at Saken Village.

                                                                                            3 Bed Room Villas 296

                                       2 Bed Room Apartments 148

                                                               1 Bed Room Apartments 172

                       Studio Apartments 32

     Recreation Area 3

                                                                                                        Parking Slots 568